Laboratory of the Main Geomagnetic Field and Petromagnetism
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Main directions of researches:

1. Thin structure of the Earth magnetic field. Comparison of geomagnetic field characteristics to characteristics of other geophysical and geological processes.

  • Archeomagnetic researches: studies of existential characteristics of variations of a geomagnetic field last millenia.
  • Working out of mathematical models of a geomagnetic field:
    a) Research of possible scenarios of magnetic field generation on planets-giants: the Neptune and Uranium;
    b) Development of turbulent models of a geodynamo and thermodynamic model thermal convection in a liquid core of the Earth taking into account a hard core;
    c) Research of quasi-stable abnormal conditions of a geomagnetic field possibility.
  • Research of excursions and variations of a geomagnetic field in Pleistocene and Precambrian: reception of variations and excursions record on natural objects. Comparison of their rhythms to rhythms paleoclimatic oscillations.

2. Geodynamic evolution of the Earth's lithosphere in Proterozoic and Phanerozoic by petromagnetic and paleomagnetic researches data.

  • Petromagnetic researches: studying of magnetic properties of deep rocks as indicators of their formation conditions.
  • Development physical basis of paleomagnetism and rock magnetism.
  • Elaboration the scale of magnetic polarity of Early Paleozoic.
  • Designing of Apparent Polar Wander Paths (APWP) for ancient Eurasia's cratons:
    a) testing of rigidity North-Euroasian plate at Mesozoic and Cainozoic;
    b) IITPW hypothesis verification;
    c) paleomagnetic testing of the ancient supercontinents hypotheses.